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Gegard Mousasi says he would drop to 185 if offered Anderson Silva

Photo by Esther Lin/STRIKEFORCE

Photo by Esther Lin/STRIKEFORCE

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Saturday night will mark the end of the Strikeforce era, as the struggling promotion will hold it’s last event in Oklahoma, thus closing it’s doors forever. Despite some injury issues, this card seems to be going full steam ahead, and has a very nice lineup of marquee named fighters. One of those guys, is someone we haven’t seen in action for more than a year, Gegard Mousasi. We recently spoke with him, to get some thoughts from him heading into Saturday night’s fight with Mike Kyle.

Importance of fight with Mike Kyle

I have to see this fight, like every other one, as a title fight, because if I lose, I have to get even further in the back of the line for the title. I treat every fight as a very important fight, so this one is no different. I’m just focused on this, and what comes afterward, well, we’ll see.

Anderson Silva

That’s a really big fight, so if I were offered a fight like that, I would go down in weight for it. I know there are a lot of other guys that are in line for him, so I’m just going to stay at 205 for now. If I’m not succeeding at 205, then I’ll drop, but at this moment, I feel great at 205.

Training camp

This training camp I worked really hard and I was really professional. I’m right here at 210. I only have a few pounds to cut. I mean, I’m not really that big of a 205er to begin with. I started the camp at 225 or 230, and didn’t have to cut down too much. I don’t mind not being the biggest fighter, because I’ll feel better with the cut, and I’ll make up for it with speed, stamina and explosiveness. I feel like I’ve done everything right to win. The hard work is done, the training is done. Now it just comes down to going in there on January 12th and getting the job done.


I already have this fight in January, so if I could fight three more times, that will be great, but honestly, even if I fight two more times, that will work, too. I’m still gonna be happy that I fought three times in a year, but of course, four times would be even better.

After this fight, if everything goes well, I don’t mind fighting anybody. I’m not choosy. I know the fans have some fights they would like to see, or think would be fun fights, so hopefully, those are the fights that the UFC will put together for me.

UFC Title

My only goal is to win the title. It’s not to be the absolute, pound for pound guy. I just want to win the belt, whether it’s 205 or 185. If I win one, then maybe I can set my goals even further, and maybe go for the belt in two divisions. Those things are for later, though. At this moment, I’m just focusing on Mike Kyle.

You can follow Gegard via his Twitter account, @Mousasi_MMA

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