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Gegard Mousasi, Just one of the Guys

by: Vania Asmerian – 03/28/10

Vania Asmerian from

What a night it was for me! I had been anticipating the arrival of Gegard Mousasi, current Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion, for weeks. I finally got the opportunity to watch him train at the Glendale Fighting Club, and it was very exciting!!!
I arrived at GFC around 7:00pm on Thursday night, looking forward to watch Gegard train with a handful of Hyefighters. I walked into the gym to find Gegard putting on new training equipment called MASS. Basically, this device, similar to resistance bands, was developed for general strength training, but mainly to increase stamina since it involves training movements and not just individual muscle groups. The gear is supposed to amplify the difficulty level in an athlete’s daily workout. However, it seemed as though it made no difference to Gegard. What heavy hands this man has. WOW! Every strike, every blow, had a huge impact on not just the punching bags, but his training partners too. It was a thrill to watch such great talent right before my eyes. Some people have learned talent. Others have talent that is simply innate. Well, Mousasi, started with raw, natural talent and has combined it with a tremendous amount of skill and gets better with everyday he trains. He picks up instruction quickly and incorporates it into his daily routine. In the past year, he has excelled significantly, and also gained a variety of styles while training with GSP. Gegard Mousasi, a worldwide known mixed martial artist and kick boxer whose talent supersedes any other in his division, with a record of 29-2-1. I can’t wait to see him in action against Muhammed Lawal, on April 17th. It was very easy to see why Gegard is one of the best in his weight class. Besides being a phenomenal fighter, he is liked by those who spend as little as five minutes with him. His athletic skills and personable qualities make him an all around great guy. It was definitely my pleasure watching him train.