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Gegard’s Thoughts about “Trilogy” and “Strikeforce: Carano vs. Cyborg”

from M1 Global’s Website:

Hi MMA fans.

StrikeforceThe month august supposed to start well with me fighting at M-1/Affliction show on  august 1 against Babulu. My preparation went well and I was really exciting. The first bad news came when I heard Josh Barnett was caught on steroid use. We where 10 days before the event and then such a thing came up. I was a little bit surprised because normally testing is before the fight and the outcome are always after the fight. Barnett was tested prior therefore he wasn’t fined or anything expect he wasn’t getting a license to fight. I was surprised that the commission started to do their new policy at a Affliction show, that decision raised my eyebrows a little but enough about that. It’s still his mistake by using steroid but then again there was still a big fight line up and even so I wasn’t worried about finding a new replacement for Fedor. Who doesn’t want a change to fight the number one in the world?

Then the second news came in; the show was canceled. I was shocked to hear that and at the same time I was very pissed. So many fighters trained for that moment and then you hear something like that! I couldn’t understand a bit of the decision and there statement didn’t make sense to me. Because we are fighters and don’t have a monthly income such fights like that are very important, especially for me personal because I just purchased a new building and I need the money to fund that. Trust me I was sick of it. But they told me that there are solutions to this all so we decided to go to the US.

Of course not everybody was mourning about the death of Affliction because UFC found a new sponsor in the process. Unbelievable that Affliction and UFC where bitter rivals and now they are sleeping together again. What a soap! UFC managed to get some fighters of the Affliction roster and also Strikeforce was a serious promoting to pick up the loose. The contact between my management and Strikeforce was already in place so a meeting with promoter Scott Coker sound obvious. It was a great meeting and a deal was quickly finalized. The same fight where I trained for could go on two weeks later on 15 august. Another extra was that the fight would be a title fight, so the fight came more interesting for me.

Training with Fedor at B.J. Penn

Of course Fedor was also in the U.S. because he was getting the most attention, everybody wanted to know what Fedor would do now that Affliction was death. Is Fedor going to the UFC or Strikeforce. Myself thought he was going to go to Strikeforce. As a M.M.A fan I would love to see Fedor going to the UFC but his choice to go to Strikeforce was understandable. Many people consider UFC the biggest fight promotion and I have to agree but saying UFC has the best heavyweights in the world I’m not so sure. The UFC is the biggest when it comes to lightweight, welterweight, light heavyweight divisions but the middleweight and heavyweight division is rather weak comparing to the rest. I honestly think that there are some great challenges in Strikeforce for Fedor. Everybody knows M-1 and Fedor chose Strikeforce and a lot was written and said about it. But don’t forget that Strikeforce will have the best female fighter of the world, the best heavyweight in the world and the best lightheavyweight in the world, yes that’s me hahahaha. But enough about that let’s get back to my journey. While everybody was make a big deal of Fedor going to Strikeforce we where chilling. Fedor and I and the rest of the crew went to the beach to relax and then we went to BJ Penn his gym, RVCA. Was nice to see that BJ Penn – the best lightweight in the world – has a lot of respect for Fedor. BJ Penn didn’t know me that much but that time will come.  Fedor is the man and you could see that Penn was delighted that he came by.

Je zou denken dat ik een grap maak maar het is echt zo. Belfort en ik hadden wat woorden via de media, niks persoonlijks uiteraard maar de partij die ik dacht dat er komen zou gaan werd door hem ontkent en werden wat uitspraken links en rechts gemaakt waardoor ik niet zo snel zijn sportschool zou gaan opzoeken. Maar het kan raar lopen allemaal. Was rustig boodschappen aan het doen en drie keer raden wie ik daar tegen kwam, Vitor Belfort. Het was niet heel toevallig omdat een aantal mensen met wie ik was een afspraak met hem en zijn mensen hadden, zij zouden met elkaar gaan praten om de afzegging van Affliction te bespreken en of er juridische stappen genomen konden worden. Terwijl de mensen om ons heen ging praten raakte ik met Belfort aan de praat. Het was een hele relaxed gozer en het klikte op zich wel. Ik vroeg of ik bij hem kon gaan trainen en hij vond het goed en heb daar dan ook dankbaar gebruik van gemaakt. Was een leuke training en is altijd wel leuk om te zien hoe een collega vechter traint en in welke omstandigheden.

Training with Belfort?

You would think that I’m joking but it’s true. Belfort and I had a few words through the media about a possible fight between us. Of course nothing was personal but I was aware that the fight was on but he denied it and few words where spread so my going to his gym wasn’t something on my agenda. But live has does turn of events. I was doing some shopping and guess who I bumped in to, yep it was Vitor Belfort. It wasn’t all that surprisingly because his people and my people set up a meeting about the cancellation of Affliction and if there are some legal actions that could be made against Affliction. Meanwhile they were discussing I had the chance to talk to him. He’s a very nice guy and we had some good talks. I asked him if I can train with him and he was all right with that so I took the opportunity. It was a nice training and it’s always nice to see how a colleague works out and in what circumstances

Boxing at Freddie Roach’s

My trip to the US was primarily to look for a solution to the Affliction problem. Because we made a deal very soon I had a lot of spare time left. The thing is you have two things to think about, you know you have a fight in two weeks but on the other hand you are in the US so you want to have some holiday time. I choose to do both. I trained but at the same time I made sure I had some fun things to do. Because I was in the US I wanted to visit the famous boxing coach Freddie Roach. I stated numerous times that I wanted to fight a boxing match, because I did it before I started M.M.A., so what’s the best way to test yourself at one of the best gyms in the world. So I went there and start sparring with the guys of Freddie Roach. Roach was in my corner and taped me for the sparring session. It went well and maybe in the future I would do a boxing match. Freddie Roach is a great trainer and maybe someday I will visit him again.

Happy Birthday!

On the M-1/Affliction show I was supposed to have my birthday at the same time. My birthday is 1 august. I was sleeping like a baby and then all of sudden there was a knock at my door. The whole M-1 crew was there with a cake singing happy birthday. I wasn’t entirely awake but it was nice to start the day with a surprise. My day started with a training at Freddie Roach (see previous chapter) and afterward there was a photoshoot for Strikeforce. When that was finished it was time to visit my friends. There is a big Armenia community and I had good contact with them prior to my trip. So every time I go to the States I try to visit them. The guys train at Gokor Chivitchyan‘s gym and the Glendale Fighting Club and I trained with them and afterwards we went to dinner with 15 people. It’s always nice to relax and have fun with guys that you consider friends. At 23.00 I went to my hotel and went to bed.

Birthday Celebration in LA:

Training with my friends in LA at GFC:
Training with my friends in LA at Gokor Chivitchyan’s Gym:

Back to Holland and back to the U.S. again!

Despite that I was already in the U.S. I could choose to stay until my fight. The only thing that I’m very attached to my home environment so being a long time from home isn’t something for me. I wanted to be home before I step in the cage. So it was for only a week but I wanted to get back to my preparation with my group. I was nice to have some rest in the US but it was back in business for the 15e of august.

When I arrived in the U.S. I went straight to my hotel to prepare myself for the next day, because there were some interviews planned.  I was surprised that I had to do so many interviews for radio and TV. For somebody like me who never fought in the U.S. and then getting so much attention it was great, it’s nice to see that your achievements outside of the U.S. is respected.  I have to see that the organization was very good, they picked me up and brought me back to the hotel. The day after was more of the same. I was lucky I had some spare time left so I did some shopping in a big mall and went to the beach. I have to say that the last three days before the fight I never train and let my body rest. I was surprised that I hadn’t have to cut weight. With my first trip I weighed in at 95 kilo (+/- 210 lbs) but by arrival at my second trip I was 93 kilo (205lbs), so not having to cut weight is good. The day after it was time to weigh in. Everything went relaxed and afterward a interview with MMA Insight. Then I saw Babulu, you never know how your opponent is going to react if you see each other but he was nice and said hi to each other and there was mutual respect.

Time to Fight!

The day of the fight was there. It started great because I didn’t need to go to the venue that early so I had some time for myself. Because my fight was late I was picked up at 18.00. By arrival the event was already in progress. I had to go straight to the medical. Damn those guys are strict. I had a little cold so I wanted to use my nose spray but they didn’t allowed it. Even a redbull drink was prohibited, maybe the where afraid I would fly away 😉 When I was a the dressingroom I was waiting time. Oh by the way what I really liked was the thing that every fighter has his own cutman. Those guys know what they are doing so they tape you up and are in your corner. Very professional! During the waiting time I always take a time for myself and think of all the effort I put in and think for who I’m doing this; my family, my brother and my friends. I’m trying to motivate myself by being calm and collective.

The Fight

Once you’re on that catwalk nothing happens to me. A lot of questions came later on what I was feeling but I couldn’t give a straight answer. I just walk to the ring nothing special there. I know I’m ready and when I entered the cage I feel pretty good. The cage is pretty big so I knew I had the space to circle around a keep a good distance.  Yes, the cage suits me. During the fight itself everything is going on autopilot. I had the takedown and had good position against te cage. I hit him a couple of time and when I landed the last punch I knew he was KO and the you stop automatically. Me stopping before the referee came was also one of those question I couldn’t understand. My answer was just like walking in the ring, it happens automatically. It’s a sport we are in too and there is no hate so why should I go on if I see he’s out. But then again it’s in my nature I guess.


After the fight you realize what you have done and that I have a new title. That’s the moment when I enjoy myself. I knew I could win the fight but I wasn’t expecting to win in just one minute. I’ve stated in interviews that I would ground and pound him so I guess my predictions where good hahah. When I walked back I was congratulated by Bas Rutten and Kevin Randleman. After the fight I received my check and that’s always rewarding. In Japan that’s a different story. After I dressed myself I went to dinner with the boys from EA games and they promised me that I would receive every EA title, it’s good to be me hahah. When I arrived at the hotel I was greeted by many people and had to sign autographs and went on pictures. It wasn’t my first time doing it but I’m always a little bit shocked that people want me on the picture and have my autograph. Afterward I went to my hotel room and looked on the internet and watched my fight and the reactions on the boards. I’m not that type a guy that will party all night long so I stayed in my room and went to sleep.

Oh almost forgot to tell, I have a new sponsor, Tapout. We made a deal and they told me that I will get my own shirt. So keep your eyes open. I’m going to give some to my fans. Check facebook, a close friend of mine Harry opened a account. The only thing he misspelled my name hahah so look me up  on facebook under the name Gerard Mousasi. I will post my fights and story and I will give away some goodies like shirts.

Furthermore I would like to thank people for their support and I read the good reactions on the internet.

A big thanks go to the people who helped me in this fight: Bert Kops, Kita, Abdulla, Jessy Gibbs, Gewik, Ricardo, Floris, Michael, Chris Dolman and the rest of the guys from the gym.

Then there is the best doctor van Holland Frederiek, the trainers of M-1, the boys of Slamm, mister Guus for his counseling along with Jelte, Goksel, Apy, Joop, Jacob, Fabrice and the rest of the M-1 crew and of course my family and friends. Oh, almost forgot; Luc my old boxing trainer, without all of them I wasn’t where I am right now!! Thanks guys!

I’m out!!


Gegard “The Dreamcatcher” Mousasi

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